National Specialist Contractors' Council

The National Specialist Contractors' Council (NSCC) brings together the common aims of specialist trade organisations within the construction industry and is the authoritative voice of top australian online casinos Specialist Contractors in the UK.

YOUR money

Your MoneyImplementing fair payment through the supply chain benefits everyone involved in the construction process. Clients and designers are able to achieve their vision, contractors to deliver projects to budget and programme, and Specialist Contractors and manufacturers to develop innovative and cost effective solutions.

The Fair Payment Campaign, launched by NSCC, has the objective of achieving proper and timely payment through the supply chain to improve your cashflow.

YOUR time

Reducing the cost, bureaucracy and waste associated with pre-qualification is essential if the industry is to operate more efficiently and realise integrated and streamlined project solutions.

The Builder’s Profile, working in partnership with NSCC, and the Safety Schemes in Procurement (SSIP) Forum both offer practical ways to exchange pre-qualification information, assess competence and increase your efficiency.

YOUR workforce

The future of the industry is dependent upon employers investing in the training and qualification of its workforce. The construction sector directly employs a diverse range of people with the ability to improve the built environment around us.

The introduction of new qualifications, including apprenticeships for the specialist sector, is being driven by NSCC working closely with ConstructionSkills enabling you to develop your skills.

YOUR environment

The focus on the low carbon agenda impacts on every aspect of the construction process including the materials sourced, the building processes used on site and the end product. The industry has a central role to play in meeting the UK’s carbon emission targets

NSCC is committed to helping the industry to reduce carbon emissions by providing guidance and sharing best practice which will allow you to invest in your future.

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